“Fuck depression.”

That’s it. That is the only complaint you will hear from us.

Fun Times is approaching the topic of depression differently.

We aren’t a forum to complain about problems. Complaining activates depression, in yourself and those around you. That’s exactly what we don’t want, and is why therapists exist.

We won’t be sharing content about the signs, symptoms, and side effects of your depression. You don’t need another blog to validate that your inner turmoil is real.

It is real. Around 16 million adults in America have it.

You have it. 

You know the signs, symptoms, side effects, full effects, and lifetime effects.

You get anxiety just thinking about your depression.

What you need is help doing something about it. Something to get you going.

Fun Times is a dedicated space for all things that help you lead a happy, healthy, hilarious life.

Our mission is to make you feel good about yourself and the life you’re leading. Fun Times will promote anything in this world that contributes to laughing, smiling, motivation, peace, and compassion. Anything that reverses your focus on your depression.

Lastly, Fun Times is a community that welcomes everyone. If you have funny, inspiring and/or positive content to share, Fun Times is looking for events, videos, images, memes, stories, and organizations to help make people happy. 

Submit a post here.

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